Papa Carmignani's Italian Sausage
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   Quality and consistency
For over 75 years Randolph Brand products have been made by delicately blending the right amount of spices and seasoning with only fresh cuts of meat. The personal way in which we manufacture our products, ensures that you receive a high quality, consistent “Old-World Style” sausage.

We take great pride in our specialty sausages from American pork sausage to our variety of European and Spanish style sausages.

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Specialty Sausages
Old world heritage and taste tempting flavor combine in our specialty sausages to ensure customer satisfaction every time. Ready to cook, fully cooked, rope style, bulk, or portion controlled links, these time honored recipes, are sure to enhance any meal. Available in: Spanish style favorites, German style favorites, and Polish style favorites.

Smoked Sausage
Our ovens add just the right amount of smoke to many favorites. Available in rope style or portioned controlled links, you will love the great smoke flavor with easy, modern convenience.

Breakfast Sausage
The sausage that makes the meal! Choose from links, patties or bulk. The delicate blend of natural spices, combined with lean, fresh cuts of pork, are sure to make for a delightful breakfast treat.


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